Sunset on the Tyne

Sunset on the Tyne

Haven’t been able to take any decent photos recently but I wanted to post something to keep my blog up to date. Here’s a very basic handheld shot from a recent walk along the Tyne near where I live.

Next stop, some decent tuition and the purchase of the grad filters to try this sort of thing out properly for a change. I’m sure the camera was on a more appropriate aperture but nevermind. Will try again soon.

The Recovery…Nottingham Band

The Recovery...Nottingham Band

my favourite shot of a local Nottingham band, The Recovery, kicking out quite a distinctive sound…I just like this shot as it was taken in a local pub on a community based gig circuit and nicely features some advertising for the band 🙂 Normally bass guitarists are shy and retiring types, happy to sit in the middle of the stage…this chap ended up in the pub crowd and on top of speakers at least 3 times. Extra long XLR cables especially for him!